Dear Bombay Sapphire,

You were the first good gin I met. Sure, I’d pilfered Vickers from Mum’s dusty liquor cabinet and survived a few years of Gordon’s and postmix in sticky uni bars, but you were my first real gin. And oh how I loved you!

My grandmother introduced you to me. I can’t remember exactly when, but do remember thinking, ‘so this is what gin’s supposed to taste like!’ It was a revolution in my mouth.

I bought a few bottles duty free and saved the pretty clear bottle. I studied the botanicals etched on the sides. For the first time I really started to think about what goes into gin and wanted to know more. You, Bombay Sapphire, inspired me.

That was some time ago now. I’ve tried a lot of other gins. Flashier gins. Gins with special flavourings and unusual spirit bases. Gins that just about sing on your palate. But Bombay Sapphire remains in my heart. When reaching for an everyday gin, one that’s versatile, happy with tonic, good in a martini. And you, Bombay, are easy to find. Stocked in most bottle shops, at varying prices, offered as a premium gin in most bars. You are reliable and ubiquitous and you will always be the first gin I loved.


The Ginstress

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