There are two main questions I get when I mention this blog. The first question is ‘what’s your favourite gin?’ Which is a really, really hard question for me to answer; what am I drinking it in? What’s the weather like? Where am I? And I just can’t choose!

The question I get a lot is ‘where’s a great place to drink gin in Sydney?’

Well I have a few favourites, but new to the list is The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, which is honestly a bit of a surprise. On the few occasions I’d been to The Clock I had the impression of a big barn of a place with a pretty generic menu. Then they launched a gin menu featuring 14 premium gins served with Quina Fina tonic water and a matched garnish for each gin.

Obviously we couldn’t taste all 14 gins on one night, but we did make our way through a few.

Photos of gin and food

The Botanist from Isle of Islay in Scotland is light and dry. It’s garnished with mint to highlight the apple mint in the gin. Usually I’m not a fan of mint in gin, it can be really overpowering, but in this G&T a large spring is tucked into the side of the glass stem first so it’s mostly out of the glass and is more of a scent than a flavour.

Gin Mare is a very savory gin with rosemary, thyme, basil and olives in the botanicals. It pairs really well with the Quina Fina tonic water which is very low in sugar. This dry, herbaceous gin is paired with fresh basil and a green olive. I’m still not convinced about an olive with a gin and tonic, but I do love olives so I kept mine out of the drink and ate it at the end.

barrel and negroni

To finish of the night we had a sample of their barrel-aged Negroni. It’s a four week aged Negroni, which is about right for me, any longer and it starts to dull the sharp bitterness of the Negroni, which I love.

So find your way to lounge bar at the back of The Clock and take a look their customised gin menu.

Disclaimer I was an invited guest at The Clock Hotel’s gin menu launch. While I appreciate the generosity of Solotel and Savanah PR in extending this invitation, my appreciation has not affected this review. 

Where’s your favourite place to drink gin in Sydney?


8 comments on “Gin in Bars | The Clock Hotel”

  1. I can recommend pairing the Gin Mare with a basil leave and half a cherry tomato (my favourite pick at the London Gin Club) & if you can get your hands on the Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water, that combines brilliantly too!

    • It’s so damn hard to find the Mediterranean Fever Tree here! But I really like Qunia Fina, not too sweet. I’ll take your word for it on the tomato, I don’t like them but I can imagine they would work nicely.

    • I love olives! Family legend tells I refused to attend by 4th birthday party because Mum forgot to buy olives.

  2. Hi Elly a couple of your friends dropped in to my shop today in Sydneys east and told me about your website. We specialise in gin. We have 46 different brands on our shelves at this very moment. We also believe in high quality tonic. We keep all the Fever Tree range as well as Fentimans, Q, Quina Fina to name a few. Feel free to call me 9327 3438 if you run out of tonic. I get nervous when people like us go thirsty.
    All the best

    • Hi Matt, yes! Liz just passed on your email address. I am so very glad to hear about this! I will be in touch.

    • I haven’t yet. I live in the Inner West and it’s hard to get across to the East, but it’s on the list!

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