This week is Negroni Week all over the world. And I am so pleased because I adore a Negroni! I am so pleased they have come roaring back into fashion of late and they are being really well made.

Negroni WeekThe Negroni is one of the few cocktails to have a relatively undisputed heritage. It was invented by a Florantine called Count Camillo Negroni and bartender Fosco Scarselli at the Caffè Casoni in 1919. I’ve heard a few versions of the event, but the most consistent is that Negroni ordered an Americano (Campari, red vermouth and sparkling mineral water) but told Scarselli to replace the mineral water with something stronger. In a moment of pure genius Scarselli replaced the water with gin. Negroni was so enamoured with the result that he started a company to bottle and sell pre-made Negronis.

The Negroni is one of the simplest cocktails to make, equal parts of 3 spirits, over ice with a flamed orange peel. The ingredients should be gently stirred with ice cubes until it is completely ice then strained into a tumbler over a nice big ice cube. Flaming orange peel is quite easy, but hard to explain, so here’s a handy video.

Now I’ve convinced you that Negronis are interesting and tasty, I need to convince you to get into one of the Negroni Week bars near you. Participating bar are supporting a chose charity throughout Negroni Week, so you can treat your taste buds all in the name of a good cause.

There is a full list of participating bars here but for Sydneysiders here’s your list:

BLACK by ezard supporting Beyond Blue
China Republic supporting The Smith Family
Low 302 supporting Staffy Rescue (cute!)
The Cotton Thief supporting Melanoma Institute Australia
The Lobo Plantation supporting SANE Australia

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  1. Hi Hannah – Cocktails tend to be very sweet but that’s what makes them so very drinkable! The sobrtes were very refreshing and the sweetness was much more subdued. The cabernet sorbet sounds amazing!Hi Stephcookie – There is a great sense of novelty and the outfits were very striking and cute!Hi Billy – It was a fun night indeed. Next time you’ll know better! The nitrogen puff did taste faintly of the cocktail but it was more of an elusive mist – perhaps part of the appeal!Hi chocolatesuze – Yes the smoke trails freaked everyone out!Hi Gastronomy Gal – You might have to petition your local bar!Hi Johnny Forks – Ahh a clever observation. They do look rather Jetsons-like although the marketing material empahsises it’s a 1950s look. And no robot dog, although I would have liked to have seen one!Hi foodwink – Ha, the nitrogen puff was quite intimidating at first. A fun idea.Hi Tina – There’s an element of gimmickyness but then, as you mention, it still has irresistible appeal!Hi Chris – Have fun! It does offer something a little different for Friday night drinks.Hi Belle – Ha, yes, it was very easy to over-imbibe! The berry skewers were very pretty.Hi Mademoiselle Delicieuse – Rollerskates! That’s a great idea!Hi Sara – It’s a cute concept. Will be interesting to see if nitrogen takes off in bars?Hi FFichiban – The nitrogen puffs were the most fun! Although hey, I think cocktails add instant fun to any evening. lol

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