When you tell someone you write about gin they ask you one questions more than any other. ‘So, what’s your favourite gin?’ To which I usually reply ‘Which is your favourite child?’. It’s a glib and slightly cruel response, I should probably stop.

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It is a really hard question to answer. It depends on so many factors. What am I drinking the gin in? What’s the weather like? What sort of mood am I in? Am I spending big, or on a budget?

But I will give this a try, here is my non-definitive list of my favourite Australian gins in a variety of drinks:


Stone Pine Dry Gin with Qina Fina tonic water and a twist of lemon peel.


West Winds Cutlass with a drop of Noilly Prat and Sicilian green olives

Dirty martini

Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin with Campari, Maidenii red vermouth and a twist of singed orange peel

photo 2

Four Pillars Barrel-Aged Gin with chartreuse and grapefruit bitters and a grapefruit twist (with thanks to Dave at Different Drummer)

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Ok, over to you, what’s your favourite gin and how do you drink it?

Favourites are hard, but useful. Over on The Eye Spy Milk Bar you’ll find their favourite homewares super cheap from places you’d least expect.

13 comments on “What’s your favourite gin?”

  1. I find equally as hard to pick a favorite. Am I picking my favorite worldwide-available gin and making a recommendation for folks because it’s easy to find (Martin Miller’s). Am I picking my favorite floral-forward Contemporary Gin sure to ruffle the feathers of traditionalists? (Dorothy Parker). Am I picking my favorite US-distilled alternative to the mainstream classic style gins (Halcyon Gin). And that’s without even getting at what you did with each cocktail clearly having gins which work better in them! Such a tough choice, so in short, I have many favorites. It just depends on who is asking!

    • That sounds like something I should try this weekend! I love cucumber in my gin & tonic; never tried capsicum. Cheers.

  2. A Gibson made with West Winds Cutlass as mixed by the bloke at Bar Americano in Melbourne is perhaps the most delicious drink of gin I have ever had.

  3. I must say that I actually have a favorite gin at the moment. For a long time I had it just like you, and I responded to the question of my favorite gin the same way as you.
    After trying a few hundred gins by now in connection with my own gin website, I find the London gin Dodd’s Gin from The London Distillery Company from Battersea to be the most impressive gin. I haven’t found a single cocktail or drink this gin doesn’t excel in. Try it out. It’s really, really good.

  4. I found a boutique Australian Gin distilled near Murwillumbah, NSW. It’s incredible and coloured with native flowers (purple), flavoured with lovely botanicals and magically changes to pink with tonic water. The flavour is so nice though that I kinda like it neat or with a little soda water. Check out Ink Gin, you’ll love it.

  5. Alas my favourite gin must be Plymouth, because it makes such a decent martini (4:1 noilly, shaken not stirred, with six cubes for 11 seconds, double olive twist). When I feel sensitive, I switch it for citadelle.

    Whats your favourite dry martini recipe?

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