Green gin bottle with gold writing next to a vase of flowers

My lovely husband came home from a work trip with a whole lot of goodies. They had been to the central coast and visited a few places including Distillery Botanica. He told me with much excitement that he had a gin I’d never even heard of!

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Is it the Distillery Botanica Royal Botanic Garden?”

His little face…

The thing is I was all set to go to the launch of this gin a few months back but I’d ended up at the dentist that day and decided that tasting a new gin with a numb mouth wouldn’t be both ineffective and unattractive. So very pleased to now have my hands on a bottle of my very own!

This special limited edition gin was created by Philip Moore from Distillery Botanica to make the double centenary of Sydney Royal Botanic Garden and features botanicals foraged from the Garden.


Philip distills each botanical separately in a copper still for his Distillery Botanica Gin, so it is safe to assume he uses the same process of the Royal Botanic Garden Gin. ABV is 42%.


Orris root
Curry leaf
Mandarin leaf
Lemon verbena

I can’t find a definitive list of botanicals but I think this is it.


This gin is quite soft and rosy on the nose. The palate is very fresh and vegetal with a pleasant astringency from the chamomile and lovage. Curry leaf meets juniper and orris root in a friendly dance mid-palate with rose offering a lingering floral note.


Fever-tree very kindly sent me some samples recently so I had both the Indian tonic water and lemon tonic water on hand. I’d used the lemon tonic water over the weekend and found it quite overpowering. More like a lemon squash than a subtle friend to a gin, however I found it paired quite nicely with the Distillery Botanica Royal Botanic Garden, even better than the Indian tonic water. I added some dried rose buds as a pretty garnish and to emphasise the rose notes in the gin.

This gin is bold and tasty in a dry martini with Noilly Prat and a drop of lemon essential oil, but I think I prefer it in a little concoction I came up with myself. I bended 60 mL of the gin with 1 tsp of elderflower cordial and 1 tsp of rose water, iced, stirred and strained as for a martini and garnished with dried rose buds. Sweet and strong and delicious. Any ideas for a name??



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