Hello and welcome to The Ginstress, I’m Elly and I’m here to show you all the things to love about gin.

I love gin. I mean, I really love gin. Gin and tonics, martinis, gin cocktails, all of it. Some people say gin makes them sad; well I’m built the other way. Gin is my happy place. From my first gin and tonic to my first dirty dry martini, gin has been my drink of choice.

I started The Ginstress in April 2012 because I wanted to know more about gin, and the more I learnt the more excited I got. Beyond its delicious flavour gin, has a fascinating history, and the basic sciences of making the tasty drop delight me.

The Ginstress is a passion project. Over the years I have met wonderful distillers, sampled incredible gins and learnt so much from so many people and my own research. But the real purpose of The Ginstress to show you all the ways you can love gin. I give advice and suggestions, but it’s all to empower you to drink gin the way you love it, because no one will enjoy it exactly the same way you do. And there is no right way, as long as you are having a good time!


A great place to start reading The Ginstress is the Making Gin category and A Brief History of Gin to get your head in the game. Then cruise on into Gin Reviews, my take on the gins from all over the world, or if cocktails are more your style head straight to Gin Cocktails.

For a comprehensive list of Australian gins check out my Australian Gin Guide with links to distilleries, reviews and points of sale for all Australian gins on the market (or at least most of them, it’s hard to keep up!).


I live in Sydney with my partner AB and our numerous cats. One of them is called Gin, but AB called her that long before he met me. How could I not fall in love with a man who named his cat Gin?

I work as a publicist and occasional freelance writer. If you’re interested in my non gin-related activities you can find me on Twitter @ellymc.


I did not start The Ginstress with the intention of being sent gin samples or being invited to parties, however over the years this has started to happen. I am enormously grateful to all the kind people who have supported The Ginstress in various ways. I am fully committed to proper disclosure and you can read my policy on this here.

If you have any questions about gin, tweet me. I love a chat about all things gin! @theginstress

7 comments on “About The Ginstress”

  1. Holy cow–what an awesome site:-) Looking forward to watching your post collection grow. I don’t know much about gin (bourbon girl myself), but love cocktails in general and your site has so much fun energy. Want to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Details at http://foodcommunicationservices.wordpress.com/

    Congrats and here’s to the Ginstress! (raising glass:-))

  2. Do you disclose anywhere on this site which of the gins you review that you have received as courtesy samples from manufacturers, distillers, distributors, retailers, marketers, etc.?

  3. I have been a gin drinker for a long long time. (a bit more than) Three decades now that I think about it, since my (English) husband introduced me to a G&T. And, in those days, when we went to Rock Concerts (I remember AC/DC very well) we used to have dry martini’s in a thermos flask so yes, I’m hooked on gin. Through the years Gordon’s was replaced by Beefeaters, which was again replaced by Tanqueray / Bombay Sapphire. And now boutique gins and a great variety of interesting gins are coming to the market.
    Last weekend we were in Busselton near Margaret River and we tried to get to the West Wind Distillery but were unable to find it. However, last Friday one of the liquor chains I Perth (Western Australia) had a variety of gins on special so my husband decided to get me an early birthday present.
    (I tried to attach picture here :-))
    To me this eclectic collection of gins that is now on our table is a good reason to research my favourite spirit. In my search for gin-knowledge I came across your website and I am looking forward to gaining knowledge and even more enjoyment of (responsible) drinking of gin. 

    • Hi Lianna, thanks so much for dropping by! I’m so excited to hear about all your new gins, let me know what you think of them.

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