Antipodean Gin Company Review

I’ve always loved the word antipodean, antipodes, it’s such an exotic word for us down in the every unexotic Southern Hemisphere. It’s the word for Australia adopted by The Antipodes Gin Company; Australia’s first certified organic and carbon neutral gin.


The scant details on their website states simply that the gin is triple distilled and blended with Australian rainwater.


Again details are scant, a blend of native Australian and traditional botanicals, so the only thing we can be sure of is juniper. There is clear citrus, lemon and orange, and hints of lemon myrtle. A bit of digging suggests native pepperberry, but it’s in very restrained quantities to my palate.


On both the palate and the nose, sweet orange is the dominant note, with earthy undertones of juniper. At 45% ABV the spirit has surprisingly little burn, matched with caramel flavours it’s very smooth and very sweet. I can see why they recommend drinking it neat.

Unfortunately the sweetness is not quite balanced with enough earthy spice and brightening citrus, leaving the gin loudly sweet and the flavours a little indistinct.


With its intense sweetness, Antipodes is a great substitute for Old Tom in a Tom Collins or any cocktail where Old Tom is called for. I happened to have a bottle of Dolin Vermouth Blanc (a sweet white vermouth) which blends well for a sweet, wet martini which is very pleasant and dangerously drinkable.

The sample bottle was sent to me with a small bottle of Capi tonic water. The punchy, quinine driven tonic somewhat balances the sweetness of the gin, especially with the addition of a lime garnish.


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Disclaimer I was sent a sample bottle of Antipodes Gin Company gin for review consideration. While I appreciate the generosity of this gift, my appreciation has not influenced this article.

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