Apothecary Gin Review

Killara Distillery is owned and operated by Kristy Booth. It’s of only a handful of distilleries worldwide to be owned and operated by a woman. And Booth is one of only a few female distillers in Australia. And she’s doing her bit to develop careers for women in distilling as a founder of the Australian Women in Distilling Association.

Booth has had a long career in distilling. As the daughter of Bill and Lyn Lark, the founders of Australia’s first craft distillery, she’s been involved in distilling most of her life. She was the head distiller and general manager of Lark Distillery before she set up Killara Distillery, which is named for the street where Lark Distillery originally stood.

Killara Distillery has whiskey in barrels, you can even buy a barrel now if you like! And they have a gin on the market. Apothecary Gin in brown medicinal looking bottle with vintage looking label. All very appropriate.


Each botanical is distilled individually in a copper pot still. These distillates are then blended to make a consistent gin at 40% ABV.


The aroma of Apothecary Gin is nutty with citrus highlights. The flavour quite subtle, sweet and smooth with notes of honey and flowers, juniper takes a back seat here. The blend of citrus combines to add floral sweetness which is well-balanced by smooth alcohol. The overall effect light and summery with just a hint of piney juniper.


With such a delicate flavour profile Apothecary Gin needs a gentle hand in cocktails. In The Jasmine the flavour profile was overwhelmed by lemon juice and Campari.

I experimented with both wet and dry martinis, and with the excellent Regal Rogue dry vermouth, Apothecary blends into a flavoursome wet martini. The vibrant herbaceous notes in the vermouth fills out the and compliments the profile of the gin beautifully. No garnish required.


Killara Distillery
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Disclaimer I was sent a sample bottle of Apothecary Gin for review consideration by Killara Distillery. While I appreciate the generosity of this gift, my appreciation has not influenced this article.

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