Four Pillars Gin Review

Last week I was delighted to get an early taste of Four Pillars Gin at soft launch at Kitchen by Mike. I could tell you about the party, the food,  the delicious cocktails from Trolley’d, the costumes! But I suspect what you really want to know is: how’s the gin?!

Well the gin is good. This is not a formal review as a party is not the ideal circumstance for a proper tasting, but I manage to sneak in a neat half shot. It’s spicy and flavoursome, with lovely fruity notes from the inclusion of whole oranges in distilling process.

The first batch sold out on Pozible in about 3 seconds, even I missed it! But I am on the list (towards the top!) for the second batch. Once I have my hands on the bottle I promise a more detailed review, but in the meantime, if you see the distinctive black and copper bottle on your travels, try it!

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