Four Pillars Gin Review

Last week I was delighted to get an early taste of Four Pillars Gin at soft launch at Kitchen by Mike. I could tell you about the party, the food,  the delicious cocktails from Trolley’d, the costumes! But I suspect what you really want to know is: how’s the gin?! Well the gin is good. This is not … Read more

Bummer and Lazarus Gin Review

Liquor importation is a tricky and expensive thing. There are a great many wonderful gins that can’t be bought here. There are many, many reasons that I am enormously lucky to have my Gentleman Gin Drinker, one of them are his regular international work trips, and his great generosity in devoting his liquor allowance to … Read more

West Winds Sabre Gin Review

The West Winds Sabre was one of the first Australian gins I tried, and it was love at first bite. It’s not surprising it was my first Australian gin, it was one of the very earliest of the high quality gins to be made in Australian. But it used to be hard to find and I loved the … Read more

Hendrick’s Kanaracuni Gin Review

Hendrick’s Gin has established a reputation for being curious and intriguing, their Kanaracuni edition certainly lives up to the reputation. It all started with a mysterious delivery. Inside the box was a small hessian bag, and inside the bag was a small gourd and inside the gourd was a scroll with a story of the jungle. … Read more

Greenall’s Gin Review

G & J Greenall’s Gin has been around since the middle of the Gin Craze. Today they are the oldest continuous gin distillers in the world. Over the last 250 years they have had only seven Master Distillers, which proves an enviable rate of staff retention. The current Master distiller is Joanne Moore. To my knowledge … Read more

Antipodean Gin Company Review

I’ve always loved the word antipodean, antipodes, it’s such an exotic word for us down in the every unexotic Southern Hemisphere. It’s the word for Australia adopted by The Antipodes Gin Company; Australia’s first certified organic and carbon neutral gin. PROCESS The scant details on their website states simply that the gin is triple distilled and … Read more

Stone Pine Orange Blossom Gin Review

Longtime readers will know my soft spot for Stone Pine Gin. It was the first boutique Australian gin I discovered so it would be in my affection anyway, but I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting the distiller Ian Glen who is entirely delightful which confirms my affection in perpetuity. This past summer they released their … Read more

Melbourne Gin Company Review

Melbourne Gin Company (MGC) launched in the very early days of the Australian gin renaissance, getting started in 2012, same year as The Ginstress! So this review feels particularly overdue. Don’t worry, I have been drinking and enjoying it all along, but just now getting to the review. We always seem to have an MGC on … Read more