Martin Miller’s Gin Review

‘But hang on!’ the most observant of you say. ‘You already reviewed Martin Miller’s Gin!’

That’s true, but I reviewed the Westbourne Strength, which clocks in at 45.8% ABV, this is the regular strength at 40% ABV. From my extensive research (reading their website…) I have gathered that the two versions are made in much the same way, shipped to Iceland, and then this version just has slightly more of the delicious fjord water mixed with it. If you have any better intel, let me know!

So I won’t go over all the making details again, you can read them here, while I skip ahead to the good part, the drinking.

Tasting Notes

Unsurprisingly this gin has a very similar flavour profile to the Westbourne strength, but for mine it loses something without the big fiery ethanol of the 45.8%. The blow-your-mouth-off freshness isn’t there. However, it is a lovely, delicate, well-balanced gin. The softness of the fjord water remains and gives a very clear flavour profile heavy on juniper with light citrus notes and a little spice at the back of the palate.


The subtlety of this gin does not hold up especially well in tonic water, however if you are looking for a very light, refreshing drink, try it with soda and lemon peel, or a very good tonic water and cucumber. It’s in a martini that this gin really comes into it’s own. Stirred and a little dirty it is just about the most dangerously drinkable martini I can think of. Also works a treat in a Negroni if you’re looking for a lighter base that lets that Campri and vermouth shine.

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Disclaimer I was given a bottle of Martin Miller’s Gin for the purpose of this review. While I appreciate the generosity of Martin Miller’s distributors in sending this sample, my appreciation has not affected this review. 

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